Welcome to Gentry Bar – the home of bourbon drinks

We are known for a series of positives, but most importantly, our clients know they can find the best bourbon here.

But life is not all about bourbon, so you might as well enjoy a unique cocktail or maybe one of the rare beverages available on site – your options are countless.

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Our drinks will literally turn your world around

Everything about our bar will surprise you. Some see us as a lounge – others see us as a pub. What truly matters is what you do in here. And when we start serving you, we will literally overwhelm you with so many drinks. You will barely know what to order first. Many of our cocktails and long drinks are based on bourbon, yet we have chocolate, rum, vodka, gin and nonalcoholic cocktails, among many other drinks.

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And just as many glasses of bourbon.

Your options are unlimited.

What our customers think

You will always have a different drink in Gentry Bar – there is always something new to try in there.

Martin Kent

I have tasted types of bourbon that I have not even heard about... And the cocktails are yum!

Angelica Blackburn

It is the perfect place – amazing selection of drink, trained and friendly staff. Feels like my second home!

Arthur McCabe


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