Our Offers

This is our most special offer. Grab a ticket and join our cocktail tasting group. Once a month, we gather together and each member needs to come up with 10 cocktail ideas or recipes. We invent over 100 cocktails and we try them all out with a bunch of lucky clients. We then give each beverage a grade before deciding which ones will make it to our menu.

One ticket for 100 unique cocktails.

Closed doors for this event..

We serve drinks
that we create ourselves


Our drinks will take you
to another dimension


We have multiple booking systems in place. If you want a full table with couches and chairs, make sure you make an early reservation. Ideally, you should do it up to a week upfront. All in all, every table gets a bottle of champagne and four energy drinks. There is also a 10% voucher for every bourbon-based cocktail in the menu – you know our specialty, so take advantage of it.

To book a table, you can visit us in person, send an email, contact us on social media or just make a phone call. Make sure you know precisely how many guests you will have.