Our group

Alice Blatter

Alice Blatter has spent the first eight years after school as a waitress. She learned the secrets of this industry, so she is pushing to transfer everything further on. She is currently the bar manager and one of the most appreciated workers in Gentry Bar – definitely, someone who you can learn from.

As a manager, Alice has turned a little bar into a front running name on the local scene. Looking for quality bourbon? This is the place. Fancy a cocktail? Consider it done. Nonalcoholic beverages are also available.

Jonathan Nicholson

Jonathan Nicholson has worked over a decade as a bartender. He is now one of the most respected barmen in the area, having a series of certifications in this industry. With Gentry Bar, it is no longer a job, but pure passion turned into a dream of exploring uncharted territories.

Jonathan's reputation is built on cocktails. He has invented some of the bestsellers in our menu and personally went through trial and error in the attempt to find unique recipes. So far, he seems to be on the right path.

Mary McGordon

For Mary McGordon, the experience with Gentry Bar started as a temporary summer job. It kept repeating for a few summers until she became one of the oldest team members. She has invented two cocktails based on bourbon and named after her dogs. She is both a waitress and a bartender.

Mary's adventure with Gentry Bar has become a career. She is one of the most recognizable faces in the area. Moreover, she is known for being the soul of the party whenever we host party nights – her attitude is fire.

Our best drinks

The cocktails you can have in Gentry Bar are unique – you will not find them anywhere else. Our top seller last year was the White Chocolate Orange, a mixture of three bourbons, white chocolate and orange and apple juice. Have you tried it yet?

Bourbon and oranges are our main ingredients in a plethora of long drinks.